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Bernardsville and Basking Ridge Offer Charm and Rustic ...

Bernardsville and Basking Ridge Offer Charm and Rus...

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Meet at New Jersey Microbreweries | New Jersey

BY Keith Loria. FROM THE Fall 2014 ISSUE. THE BREWERS ASSOCIATION defines a microbrewery as producing less than 15,000 barrels of beer a year, with ......

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Book a Garden State Farm for Your Next Event

FARMS HAVE LONG BEEN THE BACKBONE OF AMERICA, and there’s something both historic and patriotic about walking along land that has been owned and worked on for generation after generation. Farms are typically comprised of a barn, acres of land and the family’s private home. Many of New Jersey’s historic farms have opened up some of their space to hold meetings and...

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Get Reeled in at Scrumptious Seafood Spots

With its proximity to the water, New Jersey commercial fishermen regularly reel in more than 100 million pounds of fish and shellfish each year, which is why so many seafood restaurants thrive in the state. For those looking to enjoy the freshest catch in the company of friends and colleagues,...